Pagan Flames Productions Official Releases:

PFLP003 Merkaba - Bones of the Sacred Forest More info
PFLP002 Horn - Naturkraft More info
PFLP001 Panopticon - Kentucky 2LP More info
PFCD020 When Bitter Spring Sleeps - Star-Thrown More info
PFCD019 When Bitter Spring Sleeps - Spirit In Flames More info
PFCD018 Ildverden - Black Midnight Follows Me More info
PFCD017 When Bitter Spring Sleeps - Coven of the Wolves CD More info
PFCD016 Panopticon - Kentucky More info
PFCD015 War Plague - Exterminacht CD More info
PFCD014 Brulvahnatu - Menstrual Extraction Ceremony CD More info
PFCD013 Panopticon / Wheels Within Wheels "It's Later Than You Think" Pro-CDr More info
PFCD012 Panopticon / Wheels Within Wheels - Split CD II CD More info
PFCD011 Njiqahdda - "The Path of Liberation from Birth and Death" CD More info
PFCD010 Panopticon / When Bitter Spring Sleeps - Split Full-length CD More info
PFCD009 Panopticon - "Panopticon" CD More info
PFCD008 Satan's Almighty Penis "Pulsing Feral Spire" CD More info
PFCD007 Njiqahdda -"Yrg Alms" CD More info
PFCD006 When Bitter Spring Sleeps - s/t demo CD More info
PFCD005 Panopticon "Collapse" CD More info
PFCD004 War Plague "Necro Continuum" CD More info
PFCD003 Njiqahdda "Nji. Njiijn. Njiiijn." CD More info
PFCD002 Satan's Almighty Penis "Into the Cunt of Chaos" CD More info
PFCD001 Pagan Flames "Emerging from the Flames of Rebellion" Underground Comp CD More info
PTCH002 Panopticon - Logo Patch
PTCH001 War Plague - Logo and Skeleton Warrior Patch
PFEP002 War Plague "Gov't Issued Murder" Vinyl EP More info
PFEP001 Satan's Almighty Penis "Thy Foulness Cum" Vinyl EP More info
PFDVD001 Death To Mental Slaves DVD/CD Set More info
PFDVD002 Nokturne DVD More info
PFDVD003 Sear Bliss "Official Bootleg" DVD More info
PFDVD004 Throcult DVD More info
PFDVD005 Old Goat "Slaves of War" DVD / CD Set More info
PFDVD006 Old Goat "Nosferatu" + "EVILDEEDLIVE" 2DVD More info
PFDVD007 Nacthmystium "Live 2003-2004 /LA City of Chaos Videos" DVD More info
PFDVD008 Mutiilation DVD
PFDVD009 May Result /The Stone split DVD More info
PFDVD010 Hell-Born DVD
PFDVD011 Hellacaust DVD
PFDVD012 Morbosidad DVD More info
PFDVD013 Satanel DVD
PFDVD014 Teratism DVD More info
PFDVD015 Abhor DVD
PFDVD016 Atomizer DVD
PFDVD017 Black Witchery DVD
PFDVD018 Blasphemy DVD
PFDVD019 Blood Storm DVD More info
PFDVD020 Demoncy DVD
PFDVD022 Forest of Impaled DVD
PFDVD023 Gathering of Shadows 2 DVD Set More info
PFDVD024 Krieg DVD More info