From The Vastland - Blackhearts CD

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From The Vastland - Blackhearts CD (Sphera Noctis) Recorded specially for the film Blackhearts (Norway). With sinister sounding raw vocals and a winding cold feel to the guitar melodies, insidiously fast and intricate drumming, musically diverse and gripping at all times. There is never a moment when the momentum or intensity wanes. The astute knowledge that a little drama and suspense can build an ungodly amount of anticipation before finally falling off the edge of the cliff with some thunderous and crushing sounds, whilst at the same time delicate acoustic tones and drawn out fret work played in a dark and icy fashion provides the audience with a superb and oppressive atmosphere. Co-released with Hexenreich Records, Sphera Noctis Records. Includes an 8-page booklet. Originally hailing from the Iranian capital Tehran, this originally one man project has now re-located to Norway and become a four piece.

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