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Windfaerer - Tenebrosum CD digipack (Hammerheart) New Jersey’s Windfaerer forges a soundscape that entwines folkloric elegance with black metal ferocity. A portmanteau meaning, “one who travels with the wind,” like a vessel lost at sea, the name Windfaerer sets a melancholic atmosphere of longing for a return to a homeland, yet with hopeful eyes set toward the unknown.
On this effort, Tenebrosum, Windfaerer casts off the edge of black metal and takes the listener on a spiritual
journey of discovery, embarking into the unknown, treacherous seas. The album is named after the archaic term for the Atlantic
Ocean (“Mare Tenebrosum”), meaning “sea of darkness.” “From Euskadi and to Hyperborea, leaving Finisterra behind!”
Tenebrosum finds Windfaerer building upon their previous release, Solar. Powerful violins are immersed in a battering ram of
dynamic metal riffing, painting a scene with every passage. The sounds on Tenebrosum can be used as a soundtrack to venerate
Gaia or as a rousing heavy metal battle cry. Tenebrosum was recorded at Frightbox Recording throughout 2014 and mixed and
mastered by Rob Torres. With Tenebrosum, Windfaerer have truly forged “a monument to the iron within our veins.”
For fans of (old) In Flames, Ulcerate, Altar Of Plagues, Agalloch, Moonsorrow.

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