Ruins - Spun Forth As Dark Nets CD Jewel case with sleeve

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Ruins - Spun Forth As Dark Nets CD with sleeve (Hammerheart) Debut album of this great Australian black metal act. The songs have a very daunting feel about them, and a very eerie and dark sound. The drumming on this album is intense - this is as good as it gets. Being one of the best in the business, Dave Haley's drumming, definitely has something to do with how good this album sounds. Constant blastbeating and furious double pedals give a very powerful feeling from this album. On par with some of the best drummers in the world, and also his work in Psycroptic, Dave Haley does not fail on this album. This is a gem from the isolated part of Australia. It's not too raw, it's very well produced.

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