Plutonian Shore - Sphere of Geburah CD

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Plutonian Shore - Sphere of Geburah CD (Pale Horse Recordings) Vicious black metal occult mysticism. Drawing influences from modern US black metal, however without the detrimental tinge of being a copycat. Somewhere between Dissection and early Immortal in riff style, Plutonian Shore should appeal to a wide variety of black metal fans. Modern USBM influences are obvious in the pummeling bombast of the drums. Atmosphere has been thrown to the wind in favor of sheer power. There is an overall immediacy to the album, with plenty of shorter songs, punctuated with a large quantity of ideas. Plutonian Shore have compressed what takes average black metal bands six or seven minutes to get across into half that time without sacrificing the feel of the material. Only a couple riffs repeat more than twice giving a decisive feel.

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