Grai - About Native Land Digipack CD

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Grai - About Native Land Digipack CD (Voluspa) Russia's Grai is a band for fans of Slavic metal. Grai is very different from a band like Arkona, but the Russian touch is maybe even larger. They stay closer to their native folk, where some other bands in this genre mix folk and metal, Grai plays metal versions of folk. They have managed to maintain a high level of quality writing. We at Pagan Flames are always ready to give Russian pagan bands a spin - witness the awesomeness of Pagan Reign! Grai, with vocals being 90% clean-sung by female voice gives them a different kind of sound from the other folk bands. Heavy use of flutes and a lot of very upbeat melodies. When they play slower and moodier they create a genuine modern yet pagan folk atmosphere. A gorgeous very high quality digipack adorned with bright artwork and huge booklet with lyrics and photos.

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