Abyssgale - Hegemon CD

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Abyssgale - Hegemon CD (Immortal Frost) From opening track, Abyssgale storm forward, smashing and thrashing. Actually, because of the epic melody lines, this band rather sounds like a Norwegian or Swedish one than a Greek outfit; even the sound accompanies my thoughts to dimensions of Nordic supremacy, being raw, unpolished and sharp-edged. Fast and energetic, filled with hatred and disgust, but more than once, the speed decelerates, bringing a cool equilibrium in between the different chapters.Fine balance in between thrashy grimness and heroic melody. And another superb contrast is the highly technical performance versus the primal, sometimes even barbaric riffing and rhythm section. None of the instruments overrules the others, and none is inferior either. The throat-cutting, buzzing guitar play is, besides done the finest way, pretty much at the foreground when needed, but at the same time it’s almost emotional to notice the perfect interaction the icy and raspy vocals and loud drums.

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