Encorion - Facing History and Ourselves CD

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Encorion - Facing History and Ourselves CD (Sleazy Rider) Debut album of young Viking metalists from Holland. A mixture of raw pagan black metal/speed folkmetal/post-Bathory’s sounds/gothic violin drive in one. If you consider yourselves as Viking warriors, then this will fill your Metal tankard to the top with images of raging seas, plunder and blood-soaked coasts. Mischievous elves, foggy magic-infested forests, crystal-clear waters and silver arrows... all this and then some more are hidden inside. Contains eight crude Folk Metal gems, forged by melodic yet extreme Metal guitars and tinged with whistles and violin strokes that make the entire result even more interesting, following the footprints of other Central/North European allies like MAEL MORDHA, AMON AMARTH and ELUVEITIE (early). Some tracks do not hesitate to show their teeth from the first seconds bringing along ambient nature’s sounds that throw the listener in the middle of the battlefield, minutes before the outbreak of war. Excellent work on guitars with really enjoyable Folk Metal riffs that fit like a glove with the whistle / violin tunes whenever it’s necessary to underline the band’s folk character. The hearty variety of growling and clean singing are somewhat expected being the style that every Folk / Viking Metal band is using nowadays but here it is done successfully without saturating the music. Plus, listening to the entire album again and again (and especially to “Buried In Our Lands” with the AMON AMARTH-esque attitude), you’ll discover the band flaming passion for Metal, classical and folk music with a romantic touch from the European culture in times before the rise of Christianity.

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