Sorcier Des Glaces - North CD

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Sorcier Des Glaces - North CD (Obscure Abhorrence) Nearing two decades of existence, Québec's leading purveyors of frigid black metal, returns with another slab of cold and primitive black metal. Ever since their 1998 debut, Snowland, Sorcier des Glaces has teetered on the brink between primitive second wave worship and cold atmospheric black metal, and North is no different. Despite retaining their signature sound, the band brings a more expansive, more atmospheric approach to their cold, primitive black metal. North sounds cold and harrowing, constantly dragging your senses through windswept landscapes strewn with snow and frost, yet the moments of atmospheric bombast offer a sense of serenity: a sense that you may be able survive the journey, barely. The atmospheric black metal swiftly moves into fiery moments of blazing second wave worship and into melodic segues and back again without missing a beat. Despite all of the atmospheric wandering and triumphant movements, North remains just as frigid and primeval as anything the band has released.

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