Burzum - Anthology - Lord of darkness CD

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Burzum - Anthology - Lord of darkness CD (Ritual) Tracks from 1991 Demo, 1993 Svarte Dauen EP, 1992 DSP productions Burzum Album, 1993 DSP productions Aske MLP, 1993 Misanthropy records Hvis Lyset Tar Oss Album, 1994 Misanthropy records Det som engang var Album, 1996 Misanthropy records Filosofem Album, 1997 Misanthropy records Daudi Baldrs Album, 1999 Misanthropy records Hlidskjalf Album, 2001 Ragnarok (a new beginning) Bootleg album. From booklet: This compilation album is a tribute to the glory and might of Varg Vikernes & Burzum. This CD is not to be considered as a cheap-ass bootleg, but merely a legacy, an anthology...All songs are carefully selected !

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