Deafest - Glen & Precipice CD

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Deafest - Glen & Precipice CD (Fragile Branch) Deafest has been steadily improving over the last decade and Glen and Precipice shows the project at its strongest yet. This is atmospheric black metal that doesn't need to resort to cheesy synths and interludes to get its point across. Instead, the album offers insight into Ambler's admiration of the Rocky Mountains and the breathtaking awe those mountains possess. This is a quite remarkable effort from a project that should get way more attention that it does. Glen and Precipice is an astound work of art. This album will take you on an emotional journey through the valleys, over mountain tops soaring high into the bright sunlight to leave you back down in the valley in the furthest reaches from the warmth of the sun. Where your heart will ache and mourn for our beautiful earth, as you sit back and watch humanity destroy what they have left; then when the chords and the atmosphere lifts your spirits again, you'll sit high above the mountain tops at one with nature. A new found respect for our home.

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