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Mur - Heartworn CD (Fragile Branch) Heartworn is a concept album based on the ancient ecological rhythms of North American animal migration and its related themes – recorded in the winter in an off-grid location in pastoral Minnesota powered with solar electricity and heated only with a wood stove. Mass waterfowl exoduses, desperate fish spawns, and the oldest, earthly symbols of snake life-cycles are among the focus of this work. Heartworn, is centered around the themes of migration, loss, and rebirth associated with the yearly life-cycles of endemic North American fauna (specifically symbolized in various bird, fish, and snake species). Over the course of eight ambitiously crafted tracks it ranges between funereal folk yearnings, landscapes of gurgling, primordial funeral doom, contemplative Americana guitar stylings, emotive field-recorded experimentation, and black metal formed from large sky and titanic forests of golden tallgrass.

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