Apognosis - Phase 6 Digipack CD

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Apognosis - Phase 6 Digipack CD (Nykta) Ice cold and clinical sinister Greek black metal in a gorgeous thick six panel digipack with booklet.The guitars swing between dissonant arpeggios and tremolo riffing, caustic screaming declaims nihilistic lyrics, blast beat alternate with slower paced passages. Center stage is clearly taken by the six strings, relentlessly putting out evil riffs and constantly shapeshifting: melody and dissonance collide, leaving some room to slightly headbanging friendly moments.The term "Phase 6", according to the World Health Organization, refers to the final stage of a pandemic, specifically when it becomes spread over a whole country or even more, resulting in an extremely high risk for mankind. Therefore, we can say that Apognosis came up exactly as a plague aiming at annihilating the modern man.

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