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Xexyz - Primeval Death Mountain CD (Super Sargasso) Xexyz plays true outsider black metal with borrowed samples from vintage Nintendo games (8-bit era, to be precise). Compiles both Xexyz albums, "Primeval Mountain" (tracks 1-9) and "Death Mountain" (tracks 10-18). Track 18 is not listed.

"Primeval Mountain" is the first album from Xexyz and is pure minimalist black metal over NES chiptunes. It works surprisingly well. The vocals are “horrid screeches” . Frankly, it's at an unusual middling point – it could be made rawer, or more professional, and either way, it would sound acceptable. Songwriting It’s mostly very simple black metal, although it could most likely stand on its own were the chiptunes removed. Occasionally, the 8-bit beeps and bloops drop out, and the artist (one “Rev”) generally shifts towards writing more atmospheric content. Also noticeable is that the album is thematically divided into two sections – one four-song “suite” to Rygar, with the other four songs from other video games, such as “Trojan”, “Metroid”, and “A Nightmare on Elm Street”. The source content is good, and since Rev doesn’t really make any mistakes in songwriting/aesthetics, like interpolating wildly different material into the middle of a song for no apparent reason, this is a very good album of black metal with a unique twist on its content.

Death Mountain is the second album by Xexyz. It is a black metal concept album from the point of view of Link from the Legend of Zelda. Specifically, the first two Legend of Zelda games for the NES. More than that, it actually uses the chiptunes from the NES games in the music itself as a backdrop for the songs. Something else to take note of is that two of the tracks do not contain any chiptunes and are completely original songs based on the Zelda universe. As inaccessible as this album will probably sound for someone who is unfamiliar with Tjolgtjar or Blood Cult, this is probably J.R.'s most accessible record to date. The backdrop of the Zelda chiptunes gives this an almost pop appeal in a sense. It's all very upbeat and even downright catchy.

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