Besatt - Nine Sins CD

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Besatt - Nine Sins CD (Warheart) Using the concept of the nine deadly sins - this is the ninth album from the mighty Besatt. Besatt remains true to its roots, standing like a prodigious example of what is to develop a real evolution of a band, showing that progress is possible without becoming avant garde, or too melodic, symphonic, plastic, or easily approachable. This album shows the distinctive Besatt sound, pure aggressive infernal black metal, but now with a little more melodic vein, more rhythmic variations and creative uses of chords, which due to the mastery with the musicians, had incorporated these elements to the compositions, and made the sound more solid and rich than in their previous records. I must highlight the production, which is excellent, and didn't let the record sound too crystalline, about to make the music lose its atmosphere, which is essential to the genre, and the drums tune, remarkable and violent. With this record, the Besatt once more consolidates itself as a pillar of the 90's second wave of black metal, not surrendering to the mainstream, standing as a cult sect, true to the genres quintessence, showing how to make black metal the way it should be.

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