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Doomed - Wrath Monolith CD (Solitude) The fourth album of the German band, designed in the style of previous Doomed works, continues to present canonic doom death metal, rigid and uncompromising, but more vigorous in terms of performance. Guest vocalists bring new paints and emotional colors to the album. At this time, however, changes occur in band ideology: this concept album considers the crisis of the modern world, with its conflicts and human sins, forcing musicians to reconsider the understanding of society and to seek ways out of this situation. Solution to all problems is on top of the Monolith. Monolith is growing every day, so it is impossible to reach the top. A highly recommended release for fans of all extreme metal sub-genres. With a very heavy dose of death, Wrath Monolith is doom metal for those desiring something perhaps more riff-driven. Far from a rote fest of drawn-out power chords and endless dirges, this album is filled with catchy hooks and punishing vocals. Furthermore, longtime fans will find familiar elements at play, but with increased vigor and presented differently enough to stand apart from Doomed's previous discography.

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