Norilsk - The Idea of North CD (Hypnotic Dirge)

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Norilsk - The Idea of North CD (Hypnotic Dirge) Remote is the North, and long are its nights. Solitude is every man's friend and doom is his lullaby.

Named after Siberia’s northernmost city, home of a famous heavy metal smelting complex, Norilsk is a doom-death band from Gatineau QC, Canada. At its core, the band includes Nicolas Miquelon (bass, guitars, vocals, lyrics) and Nick Richer (drums, backing vocals), whose names are associated with various groups including Outrage AD, Damnus, Doll and Kintra.

Norilsk self released a first EP, Japetus, which caught the attention of doom-death metal fans worldwide and received praise from media such as, Metal Observer, Crown of Viserys, Ring Master Reviews, Lords of Metal, Hellbound, Doom Metal Heaven, and The Sludgelord.

The Idea of Northis the extension of the professional sound, Nordic themes, and striking imagery developed on the EP – and expanded to a proper full length.

The Idea of North is a doom-death album crafted for the winter season: it has slow and crushing riffs, death growls, and atmospheric arrangements. An evocation of an ominous presence over a vast wasteland, “The Idea of North” is a massive offering that triggers the imagination. Its music draws comparison with doom-death bands such as My Dying Bride, Morgion and Ablaze in Hatred, but it also has a few atmospheric sludge/post metal elements reminiscent of Isis and Morne.

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