Aboriorth - Anchorite CD

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Aboriorth - Anchorite CD (BlackSeed Productions) One man act who is a gifted drummer as well as guitarist. This black metal act is unlike most, yet it will feel similar to a number of bands at first. It drives like a war machine but Aboriorth dips his metaphorical toe into the pool of depressive black metal also, whilst maintaining an eye on the traditional styles of war like black metal with the fast tempos and pounding percussion elements. The depressive side tends to bring out the melodious nature of the record.

Aboriorth's music is generally based around slow, mournful tremolo riffs played over a cadence of double bass or thrash beats. Vocals alternate between a very high, almost early Cradle Of Filth screech and a lower voice resembling a combination of Attila circa 'De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas' and Abbath. The production is interesting; its base is rehearsal room and sounds possibly recorded live, but the mixing and mastering has given the overall sound a texture that is smokey and desolate yet chaotic and intense.

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