Aboriorth - The Austere Perpetuity Of Nothingness CD

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Aboriorth - The Austere Perpetuity Of Nothingness CD (BlackSeed Productions) This album is a probably inevitable but still surprising combination: pseudo-war black metal ala Niden Div. 187 meets the depressive, epic stylings of a band like Draugar. Spanish black metal is usually neglected and for no good reason as Aboriorth is a fine and underrated example of the genre. Aboriorth dips his metaphorical toe into the pool of depressive black metal, whilst maintaining an eye on the traditional styles of war black metal with the fast tempos and pounding percussion elements.Sole member of this act had once played a role in the conception of the great Spanish act Kathaarsys. It would seem that he provided his exceptional skills on guitar for the aforementioned act and although this band, also called Aboriorth, aren’t anywhere near as experimental as Kathaarsys, his skills are still on show in regards to creating a full-of-life depiction of a repetitive style. Though this may be repetitive, as stated, it bursts into life on a number of occasions with the use of exceptionally gifted drum patterns which, thankfully, don’t rely too heavily on those clichéd double bass blasts, despite the raw nature of this band in comparison to Kathaarsys.

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