Ogen – Black Metal Unbound mCD

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Ogen – Black Metal Unbound mCD (Kolony) Black Metal Unbound is a five song EP produced by Daniele Mandelli (Forgotten Tomb). It is black metal inspired by nature and a personal quest to further explore extreme metal. The production is excellent. It’s cold and crisp with a rawness to it that gives it old school black metal feel. The mix is great with every instrument balanced perfectly so that even with the heavier arrangements everything is easily heard. On top of the great production, all of the instruments are performed with a high level of skill. Musically Black Metal Unbound isn’t breaking through new boundaries but Ogen doesn’t hold anything back making this EP a very solid release from start to finish with intricate song arrangements and progressive elements. Highly recommended to fans of Norwegian Black metal like Old Man’s Child and Emperor.

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