Weapon - Embers And Revelations CD

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Weapon - Embers And Revelations CD (Relapse) Weapon is one of those entities that not only follow the Canadian tradition of blackened death metal, but adorn and embellish it with nuances and details of their own, to both create a nostalgic memorabilia to commemorate the genre's forefathers, and refurbish it to their own liking. The production is pristine in all the right ways. Music this expertly composed and played should be heard, not buried under sonic murk. The recording quality works to Weapon’s advantage on Embers and Revelations, allowing their superior skills to shine through, crushing multitudes of lesser bands under the weight of riff after riff designed to annihilate with extreme prejudice. The guitar work of Vetis Monarch and Rom Surtr is the undeniable highlight of album, in fact it’s the most destructive display of six-string sorcery Weapon have yet put to tape. Astute listeners will recognize drummer The Disciple as none other than Paulus Kressman of Sacramentary Abolishment and Rites of Thy Degringolade fame. Kressman can go apeshit on the kit with the best of them, but he reins things in here, delivering an unflashy yet thoughtful performance that provides Embers and Revelations with a rock-solid foundation. Weapon is among the rarest of metal bands; hardworking, constantly learning and adapting in order to better themselves and sharpen their attack. Embers and Revelations finds them at the peak of their powers, at the same time leaving the door wide open for even further progression towards total supremacy.

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