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Tarnkappe - Tussen Hun en de Zon CD digipack (Hammerheart) 'Tussen Hun en de Zon' is dutch for 'Between Them and the Sun'. Tarnkappe from the Netherlands features members that are in a host of other great underground acts like Kjeld, Lugubre, Salacious Gods and Standvast and many, many more. Second wave black metal in every way, the Netherlands’ Tarnkappe continues in the tradition of early Darkthrone and Mayhem and presents its version of True Norwegian Black Metal, even if the geographic starting point isn’t actually Oslo/Bergen. Steeped in the classic records of the genre, Tarnkappe articulates its version of A Blaze In The Northern Sky with verve and vitality, as Tussen Hun En De Zon is well-written and, importantly, memorable (which doesn’t happen nearly enough in contemporary versions of the second wave). Truth be told, this all reminds of the first two Nachtmystium records, back when that band was both homage and next-generation revival. Darkthrone, Mayhem, Nachtmystium - that’s not bad company to be in.

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