Lucifer’s Fall - Lucifer’s Fall CD

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Lucifer’s Fall - Lucifer’s Fall CD digipack (Hammerheart) Australia is not well known for its traditional doom metal but rather for its more extreme doom with bands such as Mournful Congregation. Hence this fact, the band worships at foreign but interesting altars. The main one being located in Finland, you can certainly hear Reverend Bizarre and their disciples on Lucifer’s Fall’s music. There’s this sort of cold tongue in cheek darkness particular to this Northern Europe (or Scandinavia depending of your point of view) and the Aussies have it too, they probably spend a lot of time in the desert at night. The album respects the forty minutes unwritten rules and is a blistering, catchy, intense doom release deserving to top the best of lists of 2015. They let everything loose here, like the best doom albums, it’s emotionally draining in its self pity and its classical darkness.

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