Korgull The Exterminator/ Akerbeltz - War & Hell split CD

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Korgull The Exterminator/ Akerbeltz - War & Hell split CD (Hammerheart) Spain's glorious Körgull, returns with noisey, evil black thrash metal. These tunes prolong the band´s war against any kind of beauty. With the maximum of heavy ugliness, the ironclad formation dances on the bones of its victims. Cruel and minimalist riffing intertwines with violent drumming and the shrill cries of Lilith as well as her imperious commands add the final touch. However, if you like to listen to the band´s last works, you will also bow down to the here performed pieces. Körgull has become a reliable partner for the slobbering fans of merciless high quality death thrash. Black metal elements also show up, but they are of minor importance for the shaping of the songs.

Akerbeltz deliver the same degree of heaviness without being immune against the highest degree of dissonance. Spain's Akerbeltz strikes back in an impressive manner. Rattling drums, fairly low-tuned guitars and a gurgling lead vocalist create an inferno, a bastard of death and thrash metal. Akerbeltz - as well as Körgull - masters the art of keeping the songs exciting. This detail must be expressively mentioned. It is no matter of course with regard to the tight framework of the selected style that does not leave much room for diversity.

You do not need to have the most expensive speakers in order to enjoy this split. As you surely know, this kind of music unfolds its strength on the basis of a certain amount of dirt. The old triumvirate of the British Warfare is still valid: noise, filth and fury.

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