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Corpus Mortale - A New Species Of Deviant CD jewel case with sleeve(Hammerheart) Euro styled death metal from Denmark with members of Iniquity in it's ranks. Probably one of the longest running death metal bands out of Denmark, Corpus Mortale‘s releases have been rather sporadic since their formation in 1993. It doesn’t take long for the band to prove their experience in dishing out crushing death metal, The incisive, precise chugging riffs and that low-string pinch harmonics that are abundant on the album also bring in some slight Polish death metal resemblance. What is particularly captivating on the album is the sheer intent displayed by the band to produce some of the most crushing music, and this is most evident through the drumming of Rasmus, the highlight of the album. The constant blasting style of Rasmus is sure to please any fan of extreme metal with a thing for aggressive drumming, as he ensures that even the slower moments on the record are absolutely face-ripping with the brilliant fills. Guitarists Carlos and Brian also display their flair on their instruments, with the often complex riffs in addition to the brutality, And all the aggression and intensity is further brought out with the production quality on the album, allowing for each of the instruments to really ring out loud and clear.

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