Deisidamonia - Khthonian Hymns CD

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Deisidamonia - Khthonian Hymns CD (Metal Throne) Black Metal from Athens, Greece. co-release with Old Temple records. Khthonian Hymns is full of the influences rooted in classic Hellenic black metal. The dark, evil atmosphere of this music, some of these melodies, riffs and drumming, and more, are all characteristic for this style of black metal. What may differentiate Khthonian Hymns a little is the production, which is a bit cleaner here than on the classic albums, as the sound quality and generally everything about this album is absolutely top notch. It almost doesn’t matter what the influences for Deisidaemonia were, when we hear such phenomenal music. And it’s important to note that the entirety of the album is very diverse. You can get some aggressive, sometimes even fast, vicious black metal, but later an epic and melodic side. Tracks like Titanic Blood will hook you with some great clean vocals that emphasize the monumental sound of this song, and then crush with some blasts, but also surprise with a memorable chorus. From start to finish it’s just fantastic black metal. And if you like a bit of melodic black metal with a nice Greek touch, then this is surely an album for you as well.

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