Alene Misantropi - Absence Of Light CD

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Alene Misantropi - Absence Of Light CD (Damnatio ad Bestias) Spain's Alene Misantropi offers pure atmospheric black metal with some post black metal elements. The songwriting hearkens to France's Celestia, especially, with the agonized depressing shrieks and wails and even in the choice of guitar progressions. But, Alene Misantropi presents a more modern sound, well-produced and perfectly executed. Dynamic songs with many gloomy interludes and buildups. .

An excellent composition of feelings such as melancholy, hate, sadness and rage, full of atmospheric and depressive passages of the purest black metal alternated with incredible classical instrumentation and different type of voices. An exclusive and personal proposal of atmospheric and depressive black metal at the same level of the great bands in the genre.

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