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Warfield - Hosco CD (Damnatio ad Bestias) Absolutely savage ripping and blazing black metal. The powerhouse drumming steamrolls and stampedes across nations and devastates the weak! Outstandingly monstrous drumming in general dominates, evil riffs and vocals more in the background. Grim live-sounding production really gives this album space to expand and annihilate. Limited to 500 copies. .

Warfield was formed by Polo Flores aka Hellfire, he made the Music, Concept and Art in 2005; Hellfire invited Infernal to play drums on Warfield, this line up recorded the first demo under Sade Records Records with 1000 limited copies numbered by hand. They gave some live presentations and had great acceptance in the Mexican Black Metal scene; Hellfire and Infernal kept working and recorded pure black metal material and toured Mexico in 2007 & 2008. In 2009 Antimo Buonnano aka Molosh joined Warfield to do the second guitar work and Damnation joined on bass. The band participated in the sampler "The Legion of TchorT – Compilation #4" by The Legion of TchorT Webzine playing the song "The Black War."

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