Lóstregos - Alzamento No Norte mCD

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Lóstregos - Alzamento No Norte mCD (Damnatio ad Bestias) Excellent quality crushing and utterly bombastic Pagan Black Metal with Lyrical themes of Gallaecian culture, folklore and mythology. From a land full of spells, legends, dark and enchanted forests, Galicia is a special, different world, LÓSTREGOS are born from the womb of these lands, These songs full of nuances and counterpoints that maintain focus throughout its development, deftly acclimated with nature sounds.

The lyrics are sung in Galician, tessitura that adds a mystical point, showing a real side of folklore and mythology of Galician music. Production and sound of the album is good, with the perfect balance of volumes and tones, each instrument is appreciable and enjoyable, exalted by a vocal halfway between the classic Black (broken voice, broken and brittle) and a throaty tone that gives body to the voice.

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