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Doomed - The Ancient Path CD digipack (Deathcult) Germany's Doomed presents a highly recommended release for fans of all extreme metal sub-genres. With a very heavy dose of death, The Ancient Path is doom metal for those desiring something perhaps more riff-driven. Far from a rote fest of drawn-out power chords and endless dirges, this album is filled with bizarre creative hooks and punishing vocals. Furthermore, longtime fans will find familiar elements at play, but with increased vigor and presented differently enough to stand apart from Doomed's previous discography. There are some notable progressive elements as well. Songs may open with a misleadingly quiet, somewhat ominous piano or errant guitar picking only to evolve into a full-on head-banger death march. Doomed play with a variety of sonic spaces with much success throughout the album. The tempo changes, shifting drum patterns, and ever-present personality of the lead guitar all serve to engage the listener whether the song is 5 minutes or 12. Additions of bells, horns, and subtle synth effects furtherDoomed's agenda to provide an air of class and as it levels everything in its wake.

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