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Rexor - Nox Obscura Sortis mCD (Metallic Media) Italy’s Rexor have here a wonderfully larger than life sound proving that you can have good production and still keep it free of any frills. This is black metal with character and small undertones of different metal styles. When the synth-horns in Versus Daemonium begin to play, the sound bounces back and forth from one ear to the other. The voice singing on that same intro also has a similar effect added to it, giving the feeling that its sound is pulsating, and expanding and contracting. The interesting acoustic effects added to the guitars made songs like "Nox Obscura Sortis" a whole, complete song. Nox Obscura Sortis EP is one of the most memorable black metal albums in quite some time. Rexor's cover of Bathory's "Equimanthorn" is slightly more entertaining and more fun to listen to. They embody the same adrenaline fueled fury of Bathory in their early days. The solo written by the late, great Quothorn was masterfully covered and reinterpreted and so were the vocals. Everything from the ominous, eerie intros to the blistering blast beats and their guitar riff accompanies makes this 100% real black metal.

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