Diabolical Principles - The Final Step Before the Dawn CD

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Diabolical Principles - The Final Step Before the Dawn CD (Total Death) Traditional underground melodic black metal from Greece featuring members of such great acts as Divine Blasphemy, Infernal Wrath, Mortuus Caelum, and Burial Hordes. A twist on the mid-90s Scandinavian black metal aesthetic that bands like Ancient and Emperor hurled into the stratosphere. This isn't the sort of symphonic black metal that comprises intricate swells of strings and horns, more of a dull and numbing, cold and blatant use of minimalistic keyboard lines against the rambling rasp and streaming tremolo melodies of front man Gareth. The tracks that really stand out here are the slower ones. It's not a modern sound at all. It seems to have been a lost 90's gem suddenly discovered in a cave somewhere. Very warm, mystical and darkly soothing with eerie backing keys and grimly growled vocals. An emphasis on songwriting and never wasting time with overly flashy showmanship.

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