Astarium – Wyrm of Melancholy CD

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Astarium – Wyrm of Melancholy CD (Metallic Media) Depressive/Symphonic Black MetalAlways sinister, vampyric and medieval melodies from Astarium! Spurning the recent theatrics of symphonic black metal, Astarium's music focuses less on full bodied orchestrations and overly produced metal, instead utilizing second wave structures and atmospheric keyboard work. The music switches between melodic minor key wandering with underlying mid-paced power chords and raging tremolo riffs with blasting drums. The guitar work is solid, with mid-paced black metal riffing. The vocals are a mix of growled rasps with some strange effect s and haunting screams, which fits the music well. The keyboards are certainly the focus through Atenvx, as every track boasts a wide range of keyboard embellishments . Layers of whimsical notes and haunting organ patches. It's interesting how Astarium is able to merge two competing layers of keyboards into a cohesive sound. The end result mixes a sense of eerie grandeur, with an eldritch touch of cosmic avantgarde-ism.

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