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SATANIC ASSAULT DIVISION - Kill The Cross CD (Metallic Media) Catchy black metal is very much the order of the night here, and what a killer record Danish combo Satanic Assault Division has puked up. Kill The Cross comes two years after the band’s 2013 debut March To Victory and it’s an opus which should please anyone who likes their black metal evil and gnarly. Thick sound; the riffs are weighty and nasty and complement the hideous vocal burps and yaps. Successfully fuses metal sludge hinting at old Hellhammer with that early 90s Scandinavian blackness. The band lurches into faster, more despicable passages where the vocals are black metal rasps in the truest form, but when the band slows to a brooding, thunderous pace, the voice becomes harsher and deeper. Hectic drum rushes and hasty guitar seething with gloomier, sombre slower parts while again injecting pace where necessary. All viciously wicked and blasphemous!

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