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Alien Syndrome 777 - Outer digi CD (Avantgarde Music) International avant-garde black metal project fueled by interest in extreme music and science fiction themes. This new direction has been further cultivated in Outer, a seven-song album investigating humanity’s connection with the earthly and the celestial. All of this is rendered with sinister riffing and infernal vocals, backed by a frenzy of synths that work as a stimulating background, subtle but highly effective. The songs are composed in such a way that their structures seem easy to grasp even though there are so many elements going on simultaneously that many listens are required in order to fully digest it all.

Musically, the band continues what they started with 2009’s self-titled EP. The guitar riffs and the vocals are following a traditional black metal pathway, but the general orchestration and the mindset behind it nod to futuristic masterpieces like Thorns or 666 International. Outer also consists of atmospheric, instrumental pieces that bookend the main songs and provide an eerie interlude in the middle.

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