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Vazhes – Seid CD digipack (Myrkr) Ritual noise / Folk. In popular etymology of the Permian Komis "aged people" ("vazhes", "vazh otir") means an ancient, very old people. The Permian Komis call "vazhes" some early population of the Upper Kama, which is supposed to have disappeared when the "new" ("wil") people of the Permian Komis arrived to these lands. This old population is also named "chud" ("chuchkiie", "chudskoy otir"). The album consists of 4 tracks; two of them - "Seid" and "Krishna" - have been realized by "Vazhes". The second track is a collaborative work by "Vazhes" and "Fanum"; the forth is made jointly by "Vazhes" and "Akpan". The album is dedicated to the violent struggle between the contemporary chaotic society and the eternal natural harmony, embodied in traditional cultures.

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