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Anagnorisis - Peripeteia CD (Vendetta) Louisville, Kentucky’s leading black metal act. Peripeteia is an honest and passionate autobiography of vocalist, and now protagonist, Zachary Kerr. The themes in the album have no apparent beginning or end as the record is composed to infinitely loop, repeating the dramatic emotions we all encounter in our own lives. Peripeteia is not only the culmination of the band’s legacy in the US black metal scene, but a story thirty years in the making, told through the heart-breaking lens of audio tapes from Kerr’s childhood, spliced throughout the album. Kerr writes, on the aftermath of his father’s death, “…when we arrived at my parents’ house, a tape recorder and two cassette tapes, dating back from 1982 through 1987, were sitting out on the kitchen table. One of the cassettes had printed on it a poor attempt of me writing my name, probably around the age of five…”. What started as a cathartic effort by Kerr in 2013 – ANAGNORISIS‘ previous LP Beyond All Light – is finished with raw emotion in the form of Peripeteia, which serves as both the prequel (tracks 1-5) and sequel (tracks 6-8) to the critically acclaimed 2013 release. The new album evolves key musical themes from Beyond All Light in a skillful, operatic way. Black metal continues to be the dominant genre with guitarist and songwriter Zak Denham crafting the music and production of the record. The album is rounded out by bassist Josh Mumford and keyboardist Samuel Hartman, who also contributes alto saxophone to the record. For drums, the group tapped Černá and Boreworm drummer Cody McCoy to contribute. The liner jacket of the record contains the phrase “taped lies on loop,” an homage to the struggle that Kerr underwent during the writing of the record, forced to relive the deceit and manipulation he suffered as a child, while the jacket cover shows a six-year-old Kerr, watching a butterfly in his parents’ yard. The tapes sampled on the record provide a cyclical look into the past, coupled with an eerie foreshadowing of his current life; a heart-wrenching inclusion that propels the message and concept of Peripeteia to astounding height.

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