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Skygge - Antiqua Ignis CD (Immortal Frost) This album is the definition of INFERNAL.Nearly an hour, but not one single moment the attentive listener will lose attention. Fast and furious with a noticeable Nordic approach and execution, and even with a comparable sound: raw and unpolished, grim and merciless. It has something ominous and hypnotic too, caused by the sulphur screams at the one hand, and the rusty buzzing guitar melodies at the other. The rhythm section gives this a feeling of unstoppable brutality, but this contrast (fierce drum patters versus melodious guitar riffing, and morbid bass lines in symbiosis with ghostly vocals) is truly well-balanced. The whole experience rather mesmerizing, Interesting too is the re-interpretation of Nocte Initum Imperium. The normal version is, of course, a killer track, and maybe the most epic piece on this album, but the album ends with the Necro Version of this piece as bonus. And ‘necro’, well, it is! It means that the sound is even more grim and raw, unpolished and uncompromising than the other version.

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