Atra Vetosus - Ius Vitae Necisque mCD with Slipcase

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Atra Vetosus - Ius Vitae Necisque mCD with Slipcase (Immortal Frost) One lengthy new composition that last for twenty two minutes. Starting with a very floating Drone / Ambient introduction, touching spheres of melancholy and integrity. The whole slowly turns grimmer, when at first melancholic and long-stretched guitar lines join in (supported by distant screams), and step by step Ius Vitae Necisque focuses on the most atmospheric and melancholic side of the Black Metal spectrum. But Atra Vetosus surely are not some Suicidal Black Metal act, for they dwell within spheres of the catchier Scandinavian current (early Catamenia, Dissection and Naglfar will ring a bell for sure). However, these Aussies aren’t just a copycat, for they are quite creative and inventive in their execution. This album is a one-piece effort, yet it sounds like a story told in different chapters, with melancholic passages, fierce outbursts and ambient interludes, all in one. Yet, it might seem like different songs woven into each other as if they get canalised into one single result – and as a matter of fact, I think it sort of is. In any case, the conclusion is a majestic monument of dark-edged melancholy.

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