Drawn into Descent - Drawn Into Descent CD

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Drawn into Descent - Drawn Into Descent CD (Immortal Frost) Belgian quartet founded in 2013, Drawn into Descent present us their debut album, a 6 tracks effort totaling 45 minutes of playing time. Their music is highly melodic and emotional at times, a fine blend between Atmospheric Black Metal and Post Black Metal made on traditional instruments only: guitars, bass and drums, no keyboards or synths, no other instruments. To be able to hit the emotions of the listener, to make him/her dream while listening to Black Metal requires skills, and these guys have them, all tracks on this album are enjoyable, all have their own contribution to the final outcome, a good and very promising release. Compare it with a clash between the melodic UK Doom Death from the '90's with the Finnish Black Metal, plus the nowadays Post Black Metal movement, simple and very effective.

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