Gurthang - I Will Not Serve CD

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Gurthang - I Will Not Serve CD (Immortal Frost) Gurthang from Poland performs Blackened Doom. The band was founded in 2010 and was at first a solo project by A.Z.V. Later other musicians joined and now Gurthang is ready to conquer the world. This is their fourth full-length album. A beautiful mixture of different types of Black and Doom Metal, with lots of changes in speed and melodic structure, yet with one single generality: the mostly obscure, ominous and Luciferian expression of grimness. Seriously, each single composition on this album has its own story, yet all of them come with a grandiose cohesion. Fabulous semi-acoustic excerpts and eerie guitar lines; the subtle use of synths and effects throughout most of the album; the hidden links with Funereal Doom as well as the Morbid Death Metal scenes; the perfect equilibrium in between timelessness and, at the same time, old styled purity; the fine symbiosis of stylistic approaches; a purely suffocating and mesmerizing approach. Gurthang easily succeed to clothe everything in a their own manner. Despite the sublime variation on details, the whole album sounds like something that should please open-minded fans of Doom-Death, Funeral Doom, most kinds of Black, and Morbid Death Metal, no matter if you prefer the old schooled approach or a more up-to-date expression of Aural Obscurity.

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