Encorion - Our Pagan Hearts Reborn CD

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Encorion - Our Pagan Hearts Reborn CD (Sleazy Rider) From the misty islands and riverbanks of the southern Netherlands, ENCORION, a five headed Pagan Metal horde has awakened from the ashes of long forgotten bands and projects by releasing their second album “Our Pagan Hearts Reborn” through the Greek label Sleaszy Rider Records. Sprung from the idea of the founder of this band Danny De Graaf out of a passion for Metal, Classical, Folk music and a romantic notion of European culture in a time before the rise of Christianity, all together in one full length to comes out the catacombs to enchant our pagan hearts and dance by fire for their melodic rites like old times. Our Pagan Hearts Reborn envelops you in a warm fur while the cool winds brush across your face. Like sitting in the middle of a Viking encampment; the sea is not far, and everyone is loading the ship and preparing to set sail. Vocals are primarily of the black metal varieties, though and cleans are present, too. A whistle and violin accompany that traditional metal quartet and the songs flow nicely from one to the next. Thoroughly enjoyable. Not just music. It's true atmosphere, this one.

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