Moloch Letalis - Arkana Chaosu CD

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Moloch Letalis - Arkana Chaosu CD (Old Temple) Moloch Letalis horde has passed a long and uncompromising way, give up none, marking up a direction by iron fist. Despite a completely different place where today is present, horde has not forgotten about his roots and thanks to devilish cooperation of two friendly labels – Old Temple and Moon Records, the “Arkana Chaos” compilation will see the light of day. For the first time on CD, professionally released band two demos, containing destructive dose of merciless death / black metal, dripping primitive lust of destruction, insatiable blood lust! Demos like hell demons mutilate murderously, tear the flesh, leaving to feed for black ravens bloody scraps. Cemetery wind howled, memories has been torn from old earth – let speak demons of the past !!! Compilation released on the gold CD, all copies hand numbered.

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