Rotting Repugnancy - Harbingers of the Last Judgement CD

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Rotting Repugnancy - Harbingers of the Last Judgement CD(CDN) From the brutal vocals to that intrinsic cover art, Rotting Repugnancy truly make a name for themselves with this album. “Harbingers of the Last Judgement” teeters on that line between normal and brutal death metal. This monstrous eight track Death Metal album is straight up assault on your senses A glorious piece of fiery destruction that cannot and will not stop. Feel the hate and the pure unadulterated anger seething which adds a bloody punch to the already demonically acidic release. The guitars waste no time from track to track as their pace never lessens, the bass has a heavy crunch that makes it great head-banging material with riffs that don’t disappoint, and drums that pound away at your skull with to create an intense sense of speed and power. And with not a single track reaching over five minutes long there is just enough of length in all eight songs to where everything is kept fast and intense while sounding different from everything else on the album. Recommended!

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