Ruptured Birth - Transmutant cd+ Arachni Supremacy CD

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Ruptured Birth - Transmutant cd+ Arachni Supremacy CD (CDN) brutal death metal that clearly and quite comfortably takes their technically-proficient music through a very engaging whole. Offering forth a never-ending whirlwind here of tight, pummeling slams and breakdowns fueled through a ferocious blend of dexterous riffing, slow lurching crawls and a fine sense of blasting drumming to compliment the fine slams featured throughout the rhythms here. Still, there’s a more impressive focus here on introducing all these fine slams to a science fiction aesthetic that’s built more upon far more technical and twisting rhythms for quite more straightforward brutal death here, and these result in superior and enjoyable elements within their basic framework-style slams and tight, chugging rhythms, and with the technical and the brutal landing together side-by-side this is quite an enjoyable release. Original sci-fi concept album that intrigues as it destroys. Tracks 10-14 taken from "Arachni Supremacy" EP (2015).

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