Unholyath - Antidogma CD

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Unholyath - Antidogma CD (Ritual) Second full-length of Anti-humanism Black Metal from Ukraine. Ukrainian scene has a sincerity and true love for Black Metal. The music Unholyath perform is Scandinavian Black Metal with many Thrash influences and beautiful rhythmic passages. Riffs are mainly fast, violent tremolo riffs. Rhythmic Thrash parts while the atmospheric, dark, slow passages are present too. Unholyath have managed to create very interesting riffs and to connect them very well. So all the tracks are interesting. Another of the elements which make the album to be special, are the drums. Their lines are powerful, with a lot of changes, while technically they are perfect giving the confidence and stability that the drums must always give. The vocals are harsh Black Metal vocals, very violent and expressive. Concerning the production and the mixture of the album, the band has done a very good job here too. The sound comes out massive, with depth, as bassy as it should be, while every instrument is at the right volume. It is not necessary for someone to read the bands statement in order to understand that the lyrics are violent and against humanity. Antidogmaā€¯ is a very good album. Unholyath have taken care of everything for this album, by the composition to the cover artwork, something that shows apart from their professionalism, their talent and their love for Black Metal. Buy it without fear.

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