Xaos Oblivion – Black Mountains Spirits CD

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Xaos Oblivion – Black Mountains Spirits CD (Nykta) Continues a cold and epic journey of nature black mysiticism. Fourth work since 2008, it would be more suitable to use some words of its creator (also participated in hordes: Demonic Slaughter, Abusiveness, Perdition (now Blaze of Perdition), Egzekwie, Sytris, Xaosis etc.) to describe this piece of art in the most appropriate way:“Working on "Black Mountains Spirits", I tried to put in form a possessed, chilling and dark side for some of my thoughts and emotions that surrounded me in my travels through the darkest places & forests in Poland. It was some kind of "exorcism" for me both spiritually and physically.” Balancing between black and doom metal elements, “Black Mountains Spirits” album manages to create a unique atmosphere and leads you in a rampant sequence of sorrow & nostalgia, of lost pride & renaissance.

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