Woodscream - Octastorium CD

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Woodscream - Octastorium CD Female-fronted melodic folk metal. Throughout Octastorium the band concentrates on delivering short, punchy, catchy songs, driven by the aforementioned folk melodies laid on top of not overly complicated muscly riffs. A simple familiar approach, but Woodscream pull it out well. The songs stick with you, there is a replay value in these compositions, whether you want to go with the melodic flow one more time, tap your feet to the familiar fast beats (Koval’) or listen more carefully to the lyrics, if you can understand Russian, of course. Not all songs on the album are happy-go-lucky drinking pieces. Lesnoi Tzar and slower heavier Voron have some pretty tragic story telling. Vocally Woodscream is a combination of the high boyish aggressive female vocals by Valentina Tsyganova and standard issue growls by guitarist Alexander Klimov, and the two do not overlap in duets much. He goes well along some muddy bottom end, while she may feel powerful and fiery in some of her parts, and she definitely tries to climb the ladder up high. She is not some gentle creature, so rather than a Beauty and the Beast, Woodscream is more like an Amazon and the Beast. Not a bad combination. Octastorium is a good experience when you are in a mood for simple sing-oriented folk metal.

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