Tjolgtjar - Vruguun 2CD

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Tjolgtjar - Vruguun 2CD (Illinoisan Thunder / Super Sargasso) Outsider black metal psychedelic southern rock masterwork!

The various different styles of production on display also have a large effect on the sound of this record. Different aspects are put to the front in different songs. There are 3 different drum kits being used, all using different microphone setups. Some tracks are more bass heavy, some are classic raw hissing black metal. The real magic is that, somehow, despite all these tweaks... the album not only makes sense as a whole, it sounds great.

The variety is something that really makes Vruguun a standout in the black metal scene. All Tjolgtjar albums have had good variety, but this one is over the top.

Vruguun is very raw, but it has the best production of any Tjolgtjar album. That's taking into consideration that many of the tracks are produced differently. The experimentation is heavy, but the emphasis on short and concise tracks makes them accessible. The amount of variety keeps you engaged the whole time. The use of different styles, some being considerably less challenging, gives you time between the more challenging tracks to just listen and enjoy. The way the tracklist flows is beautiful.

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