Ornamentos Del Miedo - Este No Es Tu Hogar CD

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Ornamentos Del Miedo - Este No Es Tu Hogar CD (Funere/ Solitude productions) Ornamentos del Miedo from Spain is a Atmospheric Funeral Doom Metal one man band formed by Angel Chicote who has played or play in another bands like Graveyard Of Souls, Mass Burial, Ad Nebula Nigra, Ultimo Gobierno, Sinergia, etc, all inside the extreme music. Ornamentos del Miedo was born in mid-2017 as the need to strip the reality of all ornaments and mirages that we have built
to adapt us, to an miserable existence across a deep and dark sound. This is the first album named Este no es tu hogar. Ornamentos del Miedo, it is a trip to the depths of the subconscious, where truth exists naked and unpolluted by the ego and survival instinct. It is a oneiric experience where self-imposed reality fade it. Reflections on life and death. Dark and deep sound like the anguish of existing. For lovers of bands with their own sound. 500 copies of CD, 8-page booklet included.

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